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CUE Learning Tours Present 

The Flipped Learning Tour


8:00-8:30 - Coffee and Muffins 
8:30-9:15 - Welcome and Opening Keynote
9:15-10:15 - Many Faces of the Flip - Panel discussion with local presenters, moderated by Keynote speaker#
10:30-11:45 - Basics of how to make a video - Live Demo with break out sessions
    Break Outs Rooms
                    Jon Bergmann Rm# Board Room
                    Lisa Highfill Rm# B1107
                    Crystal Kirch Rm# B1026
                    Will Kimbley Rm# D1004
12:00-1:00 - Lunch
1:00-2:00 - Break out sessions by Local Presenters
     Break Outs Rooms
                    Jon Bergmann Rm# Board Room
                    Lisa Highfill Rm# B1107
                    Crystal Kirch Rm# B1026
                    Will Kimbley Rm# D1004
2:00-2:15 Break
2:15-2:30 Main Room
2:30-3:45 - Small groups Discussion Sessions
     Break Outs Rooms
                    Jon Bergmann Rm# Board Room - Resources for videos
                    Lisa Highfill Rm# B1107 - PBL and Flipping
                    Crystal Kirch Rm# B1026 - iPads for screencasting
                    Will Kimbley Rm# D1004 - Google Forms and flipping
4:00-4:30 - Report out of groups and extensive Q&A with the Keynote, Presenter Panel