CUE Learning Tours

CUE is proud to unveil Learning Tours -- a new approach to handling timely topics in education within the CUEtoYOU ed tech professional learning offerings. The new model uses one-day, professional development opportunities that focus on one of the innovative, relevant, or hot topics in education. During the two- or three-day “tour,” the topic is repeated on back-to-back days so that everyone in the tour’s state has a chance to attend a session. 

All Learning Tours will start in one local region of a state and move to one or two other regions over the course of two to three days. The idea is to offer the same professional learning opportunity to as many participants as want to attend. Because it’s a one-day, localized training, the overall costs will be lower than traveling to a full conference event. Because each session is focused on one topic, the participants will gain a greater and more thorough understanding of the topic and then quickly implement that knowledge in their classrooms.